Kitchen Lighting

A well lit kitchen is essential for successful food preparation and cooking but it’s also worth considering what lighting offers in terms of creating atmosphere at the click of a switch…

Remote mood lighting; options for changing brightness and colour; plinth lights and stylish over-unit pendants, (current favourites at Unique Kitchens) – these are all lighting possibilities that can add so much to your kitchen. 

So when considering a new kitchen design or even how to dramatically update an existing kitchen, make sure you give thorough deliberation to what you can create with proper and varied illumination. Bright and beautifully well lit should be only one of a variety of choices… 

Consider what you want to achieve with your kitchen throughout the day, evening and night time; contemplate how lighting could be used in terms of making the most of the available natural light within the room – this can vary greatly with a north or south facing aspect. It’s even worth giving thought to your kitchen during the changing seasons – from bright summer to rich autumn, warm winter and fresh spring – it’s possible to reflect or enhance nature’s own transformations within your kitchen interior too.

To find out more or to discuss illumination and lighting options for your kitchen feel welcome to pop into our showroom or to contact us